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Face Burned in Gasoline



Face this Orwellian Society, see the small flames in front of the burning gasoline tanker... 3 people are in their SUV, this happens every day somewere around the world, all for more oil money while the electric windmill car has been suppressed since 1980 by Bush and the Texas Oil men... who live their lives without anyone with a face burned in gasoline in their thoughts, they can only think of oil money as they are addicted to money almost as much as Bill Gates!!!


Face Burned in Gasoline

While the rest of us live our Life


Face Burned in Gasoline

So Bush and the Saudi King can cash in


$1 trillion in oil money

$2 trillion in oil money

$100 trillion dollars in oil money


Face Burned in Gasoline

Even the CIA profited from your Torture


Even Bill Gates could have prevented your pain

But didn’t because of his greed


Face Burned in Gasoline

When your cop car was rear-ended


Chief sucked up to Bush

While you were in the burn unit


Sick Orwellian Society to say the least

MD’s prevented the cure for cancer


To cash in during the Oil Genocide Era

From 1980 to 2007


MS Society in Denver

Spit in my face, they do not want a cure


Revenge, I would arrest them all for Genocide

Revenge, I would arrest them all for Genocide


Face Burned in Gasoline

Revenge when these guys are the Judge, Jury,



Face of the Supreme Court Justices

After the Coup D'Etat


Faces Burned in Gasoline

All the Supreme Court Justices will have

faces burned in gasoline


Next President after the Coup D’Etat

Will be a cop burned in gasoline for oil money


Revenge will be worse than Baghdad Today

Katie Couric will be hanged on CBS Nightly News


NY Times

Everyone will be burned at the stake


CBS Nightly News

Everyone will have a face burned in gasoline


New Look

Like Katie Courics first night on Nightly News


Some poor cop was burned in gasoline that day

Bush had an executive order not to report this on CBS


Doctors were having meetings about cancer profits

Making sure I did not get a chance in getting a cure


City Hall in Boulder Colorado when along with the MD’s

CU grads cashing in on their University degree in kickbacks


CU football player’s gang raped Katie

And got away with it, and kept their CU scholarships


CU Law School got a new building for $400 million

From gasoline profits


$1 trillion in oil money

$2 trillion in oil money

$100 trillion dollars in oil money


MD’s in Colorado made $400 million extra from cancer

And made sure I did not have a chance in getting a cure


Behind the cameras

They didn’t take any chances in letting me get a cure


Saturday, March 31, 2007 4:30 pm

Cameras in my living room


They still don’t want me working

On a cure for breast cancer


Face Burned in Gasoline

Revenge, I would arrest them all for Genocide


Face Burned in Gasoline

While the rest of us lives our Life


9-11 would never have happened

If Katic Couric would have exposed

The suppression of the electric windmill car

Invented in 1980


Katic Courics husband wouldn’t have died of cancer

If the MD’s in Colorado didn’t work hard to stifle me


Made 100% sure I had no chance in finding a cure

As they believed I could cure cancer if given a chance


They didn’t take any chances with their cancer profits

Of losing them to a cancer cure


Face Burned in Gasoline

Face Burned in Gasoline

While the rest of us live our Life


Russian Oil Czar is Putin

He has spent trillions from Oil on Russians


$1 trillion in oil money

$2 trillion in oil money

$100 trillion dollars in oil money


Not 1 Moscow cop burned in gasoline has made the news

As Putin controls the Nightly News in Moscow


More Moscow cops have been burned in gasoline

Than any other city on Earth


Czar of Russia

Didn’t burn to death as many surfs


King of Saudi Arabia

Thinks he will keep Trillions in Oil Money


He earned after the electric windmill car invention

In 1980


Revenge will nuke

RIYADH and Saudi King Abdullah


$1 trillion in oil money

$2 trillion in oil money

$100 trillion dollars in oil money


Everyone with a face burned in gasoline

Will get $1 Billion


Everyone with breast cancer and cancer

Will get $1 Million


Czar of this Orwellian Society

Will have a Face Burned in Gasoline


As he will be elected after Bush is hanged

Our Current Czar is an Oilman with a crazy Doctor


Taking care of his every pain

Taking care to prevent a cure for cancer and oil


Until the Coup D'Etat

Until those with Faces Burned in Gasoline


Come into our daily lives

No longer hidden by a Presidents executive order


Bush added insult to injury via Saudi Arabia

As Bush sold organs to Saudi Princes


While Americans waiting for the same transplant died

Bush is a Yale Grad…. Who became a mass murderer!!!


Yale will never recover from Bush

Those with cancer today can recover


If I get a chance to brainstorm a cure for cancer

With my new wives….


Face Burned in Gasoline

While the rest of us live our Life


Saturday, March 31, 2007 4:30 pm

Cameras in my living room and in my life


$1 trillion in oil money

$2 trillion in oil money

$100 trillion dollars in oil money



copyright 2007
Greg Buell PO Box 1113 Boulder CO 80306
Phone  303 443 6270
Name the 10 nearest stars to Earth....
Alpha Centauri 4.3 light years


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Name the 10 nearest stars to Earth....
Alpha Centauri 4.3 light years















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