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Resume for Greg Buell - The inventor
Greg Buell
PO Box 1113
Boulder, CO 80306                 Phone    3034436270






I invented an Electric Windmill Car, I put 10 windmills on the front of a
car and created a perpetual motion machine. I call this invention the Electric
Windmill Car. I have 100 other inventions besides the Electric Windmill Car.

Willing and able to work any job or any shift. I have an AA degree plus
am very inventive. I will give many innovative ideas to my employer to help make
a larger profit and I will profit by getting the cure for cancer by keeping my
mind active on the job. PS I hope to get gravity control too.
Westaff - assembly
Aug 2001 to now - Soldering - assembly - shipping - QC -
2975 Valmont
Boulder CO 80301
303 444 5982

2800 Pearl
303 449 3400
11-21-03 to 1-7-04
HR Erin Lemmon's
Worked Stocking

Traffic Control
6381 W. Alameda
Lakewood CO 80226
References are Debby
303 232 0999
800 954 3524

Labor Ready
4730 Table Mesa Drive
Boulder CO 80305
303 499 9288
References are Elaine Barker
Columbine Plastics
3195 Bluff
Boulder CO 80301
Phone 3030 442 0051
Jan 2000 - June 2000
I worked 2 jobs at the same time
got off one job at 3:30 pm
went to work at Columbine at 11 pm
Exabyte (Oct 94 - July 00)
Assembler - Soldering - wiring - tech - QC
Built tape drives - soldering - testing 303 442 4333
Technetics 63rd and Arapahoe
Stuff boards + soldering, some testing of boards Aug 92 - Sept 93
Neodata (May 90 - Jul 92)
Validation - Computer graphics, Photoshop 4
Process checks from magazine subscriptions
Frazier Meadows Manor Retirement Center (Sep 85 -  Sep 90)
Cook, Waiter, Data entry
EDUCATION Penn Valley Jr. College, Kansas City, MO
(Sep 69 - May 72)
Liberal Arts AA 72

FrontPage 2000 Photoshop 4 Word 2000 Windows 98 Web Design Java and C++
have spent 400 hours learning Java and C++ Excel

 William Ranttila  303 554 1420  4998 Morehead Ave  Boulder CO 80305
 Loraine Roy  303 492 6855 Kitchen
 Ruth Tilsley 12115 W 61 St Ave Arvada
303 918 9087  303 442 4908 home

Greg Buell PO Box 1113 Boulder CO 80306 Phone  303 443 6270





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