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IBM officials in the real world

went along with the suppression of the

electric windmill car since 1980

IBM Boulder CO hired 99% Mexicans just like the meat packing plant in Greely CO

But IBM has more defence dept connections so the Fed's will never ever raid IBM

and arrest all the Mexicans... After the Oil Genocide Trials IBM will be asked to leave

the USA as they are no longer an "American Corporation"... most of the IBM CEO's from

1980 to 2007 will hang with the Texas Oil men and 4 Star Generals who fragged those driving

down the highways for more Texas Oil money for Bush to spend on the Iraq War... more

computers and software contracts for IBM... all this will be documented at the Oil Genocide Trials in DC.

ps I worked out at IBM vaccuming under the floors for $8 a hour 25 years after I invented the

Electric Windmill Car... in 1980... revenge will be sweet to say the least.



IBM officials in the real world

went along with the suppression of the

electric windmill car since 1980


IBM officials in the real world

went along with the suppression of the

electric windmill car since 1980.



Misdiagnosis software program will catch and convict all the MD's

who have killed tens of thousands of paitents via misdiagnosis in this

Orwellian Society in front of the observers.


IBM officials say they've found a method for speeding up the way large computer networks
retrieve and share information by as much as 600 percent, a move that could impact data-intensive,
high-performance computing environments.

For its "Project Fastball," IBM used the combination of the compute power of ASC Purple, the massive
IBM-designed Blue Gene supercomputer at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories in Livermore,
Calif., and IBM's General Parallel File System software.
The combination demonstrated more than 102GB per second of sustained read-and-write
 performance on a single file,
which is more than a 600 percent jump in the speed of data, said Chris Maher,
 development director for HPC development at IBM.
Read more here about the state of the art for today's supercomputers.
The GPFS software was used to manage the flow of information between the thousands of processors
and disk storage devices in the supercomputer.
The project used 104 Power-based eServer p575 nodes and 416 storage controllers, according
to IBM, based in Armonk, N.Y.

The project resulted in a file system of 1.6 petabytes, one of the largest in the world, Maher said.
The performance of the file was maintained as more than 1,000 clients pushed workloads into the file.
Maher equated that speed to downloading 25,000 songs in a second.
NASA launches an SGI supercomputer. Click here to read more.
"This kind of capability opens doors to new kinds of applications in high-performance computing," he said.
Such applications include online gaming, customized medicine and homeland security,
 where massive amounts of data need to be analyzed quickly, all of which would benefit from being
able to move data between machines in massive supercomputing environments, he said.
Such environments are growing, as is the need to manage the large amounts of data stored in them.

"It's not just 1,500 servers, but a collection of 1,500 servers that act like a
single computer system," Maher said.
ASC (Advanced Simulation and Computing) Purple is the third-most powerful
supercomputer in the world, and was built through IBM's Blue Gene supercomputer project.
On the Top 500 list of the fastest computers released in November 2005 at the
Supercomputing conference, the ASC Purple computer topped out at 63.39 teraflops—
or 63.39 trillion calculations per second—on 10,240 processors.
IBM's Blue Gene program produced the top three fastest systems, and four in the top 10.
IBM is pushing to have the GPFS software used on other platforms, including through an
initiative that offers some clients access to the software's source code with the idea that they
may adapt it to work on non-IBM hardware.
Check out eWEEK.com's Infrastructure Center for the latest news, views and analysis
on servers, switches and networking protocols for the enterprise and small businesses.
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Alpha Centauri 4.3 light years




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