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Particle Measuring






Particle Measuring Systems

Airport Road in Boulder Colorado

Story of “1984” harassment

In front of everyone watching me on hidden cameras

via Staffing Solutions

2741 Mapleton Boulder CO


Not knowing the Size and Particles in the Universe

Gravity of Particle Measuring Systems

or PMS – Grin

Greg Buell PO Box 1113 Boulder CO 80306 Phone 303 443 6270

Copyright © 2000

12/24/00 10:43 AM Sunday,

December 24, 2000

March 10, 2002 update

Gravity of Particle Measuring Systems or PMS - Grin

Gravity of Particle Measuring Systems or PMS - Grin

For the New Year 2001

I asked President Kelley to build a gravity particle unit

Build a unit that detects gravity particles

I asked the woman programmer how would she write

A program that detects gravity particles

I asked President Kelley to build a gravity particle unit

He is also an Orwellian Observer

Behind the hidden cameras

Build a unit that detects gravity particles

Gravity of Particle Measuring Systems or PMS - Grin

Strange quarks

There is always one more quark to be discovered

There is always one more invention to be thought about

"The fifth and sixth quarks were originally called truth and

beauty, but even physicists thought that was too cute.

Now they are called TOP and BOTTOM"

Politics at Particle Measuring System

Politics on the job at Particle Measuring Systems

Overlooks hammering of a laser into place by a Laos’s woman

Woman from Laos got her job via the Vietnam War

Woman from Laos hammers the laser to get it to fit in the unit

Woman from Laos is the supervisor’s favorite - love

Supervisor was in the AF looking for MIA’s in Vietnam

He looked for MIA’s in Vietnam and is very psychotic from it

James Shipley is his name his father also works at PMS

They are bullies ganging up on any one who complains

Everyone knows this is their favorite tactic to win an argument

Shipley’s stories and comments are all about violence

And suicide

Kathy Campitelli was my manager and lied to the temporary agency

I quit, Kathy told Staffing Solutions I walked off job

So, I was fired at Staffing Solutions with no way to appeal this lie

Only after 4 weeks of stopping by Staffing Solutions looking for a job

Did they tell me I was fired.

Well training was chaotic at PMS

I did not know a revision from the Laos woman’s inclinations

Technician at the end of the line missed most assembly mistakes

Even though he was the highest paid at $30 a hour

Rest of us made $10 an hour

Scratches on the stainless steel were caught and rejected

Until Kathy changed the process and accepted them all

We ran out of parts every other day

This had driven James Shipley mad

He could not set up a training program as parts took all his attention

Engineer seemed distant in his Orwellian comments to me about me

Like General Orwell was in charge at PMS

General torments me hiding behind the hidden cameras

Not out of character for my treatment in this Orwellian Society

Strange Quarks

Gravity of Particle Measuring Systems or PMS - Grin

Gravity of Particle Measuring Systems or PMS - Grin

Build a unit that detects gravity particles

President and General were more into tormenting me

Politics picks the women Manager Kathy

And the wife

United Nations is persona non grata

21 years after the Electric Windmill Car invention

General’s assemblers fabricate real world statistics

MD’s in Boulder CO made me persona non grata too

Politics of American in a world ruled by Texas Oil Kings

Fiery car crashes with people burning up inside

Boulder Colorado officials took pay offs to let this go on

If they do not hang in a post Electric Windmill Car administration

We can sue the Doctors for charging the burn patients

So, they let Americans burn to death in car wrecks

They let women from Laos do as she pleases on the assembly line

Exabyte did the same for Iraqi’s

Hired 100 Iraqi’s and made them Leads and Supervisors over Americans

Reward for leaving Saddam

And one told me “I will kill you” for inventing the

Electric Windmill Car

Strange quarks in our Orwellian Society

Gravity of the Electric Windmill Car is to keep the oil money flowing

Both sides using the money to finance terrorists

Even  Pope John Paul II profits from Oil donations

Even Priest in Boulder Colorado molest kids

Even though it is only exposed in Boston

I must find out how they managed to expose this in Boston

As the Priest in Boulder are just as horny

Bush in China demanding Priest populate China

During the Headlines about Boston Priest molesting kids

China should publish the statistics = If Boston Priests in China

Priest in China would molest 100 million kids

Per capita compared to Boston rates in China

Donations by Bill Gates is politics at its worst

Bill Gates would not exist in an Electric Car Era

Microsoft only exists because the Electric Car was suppressed

Bill Gates gave money to fight diseases

But charged the inventors even more for the software

Strange quarks in an Orwellian Society

10 times as many programmers are needed

Programs with pop-up windows with inventions

All the inventions in history popping up in pop-up windows

Bill Gates sells Visual Studio for $5,000 each

Each computer each student learning programming

Government policy backs this up with laws from Congress

Strange quarks in an Orwellian Society

Laos is a communist Nation with few programmer and few pirates

Few software pirates wanting to learn programming – grin

University of Colorado at Boulder

Division of Continuing Education

Will charge you $3,000 for night courses to learn programming

$100 for every 45 minutes in a classroom

This is night school in 2001

Sticker shock is not just for gas guzzling cars

UN cannot stop this madness

They have sold out with the Pope to Oil Kings for dollars

Payoffs from DC and Texas

4 Shuttles left in NASA

When NASA gets down to One and None revolution will blast off

Star Travels via 700 Shuttles docked in Orbit

China and Russian will put Nukes in orbit first

To counter Bush and his Missile defense

No one can shoot down Nukes in Orbit

Make peace with all the Nations at the UN

USA lets Americans burn to death in fiery crashes for money

They are not about to help the World

Gravity of Particle Measuring Systems or PMS - Grin

Gravity of Particle Measuring Systems or PMS - Grin

Build a unit that detects gravity particles

Build a unit that detects gravity particles

Exabyte is going out of business

Partly due to 100 Iraqi’s supervising Americans

Partly due to the Generals daughter a Exabyte Supervisor

Making war blunders that are  top secret

Politics of the nearest star

Are not the politics of anyone in the USA or UN

Not even a telescope that can peer into deepest space

Is financed by Texas Oil Kings

Texas Oil Kings will never buy 700 Shuttles

NASA will have to do a Coup

To get 700 Shuttles built

Plan a light year voyage to Alpha Centauri

George Orwell is alive and well at the CNN News desk

High on cocaine and into suppressing Space Exploration

Boulder Colorado MD has made me persona non grata

USA has made the Universe persona non grata

Oil is King

Oil money is God to the Pope

Hidden cameras are the MD’s worst state of affairs

Politics of Planes and Trains

After 9-11 terrorist attack on the WTC

Politics of Planes is another new quark

Oil money 6 months later is still God to Bush and the Pope

Oil money is God

Let them die in fiery car crashes Bush said

They cannot have the Electric Windmill Car

I need more Oil money

Politics of Oil money

Politics of using Oil money for a free bus ride is not one in Colorado

Bus fares are the highest in history $1.10

Gasoline money is used for Orwellian Leaders luxuries

3 million people visit Estes Park

None arrive by bus only Shuttle Vans at $45 one-way

Politics to get the most out of the poor masses

Is the politics of Colorado

China – Tibet railway should use unused 767’s

Airline travel will never recover after 9 – 11 anyway

767 train cars for the China – Tibet railway

London politics is still ruled by Royalty

As they cannot prevent train wrecks

767's on reinvented train tracks can not wreck

Tunnel fires from car crashes leave 33 burned to death

Can we sue them for suppressing the Electric Windmill Car?

Mayor of NYC dared terrorists to Nuke NYC

He was made a Hero after the 9 – 11 attack

Politics of making peace with all Nations at the UN

George Orwell at the news desk is  suppressing this News

NYC will light up by terrorist Nukes paid for by Oil Money

Light show memorial does nothing to stop terrorists Nukes

New Yorkers are strange quarks at the mercy of oil money

Gravity Particles will never be found

Politics makes strange bedfellows

Politics of the Generals will Nuke NYC someday

Nuke Memorial design for NYC will be designed

No exodus to the nearby stars

USA politicians believe God is Oil Money

1,001 spin off inventions from the Electric Windmill Car

Has been lost by the Presidents of the USA

Mechanics that generate gravity

Create the gravity particles

Will remain alien

London trains will crash and burn for the next century

British Petroleum will not buy any Shuttles for the Royals

World Trade Center building dominated NYC

Skyscrapers are against the law in Boulder Colorado

Tibet will get train service before Boulder gets a bus to Estes Park

Coal train will stop in Boulder for the next century

Particles are filtered out of the 4 smoke stacks at the Power Plant

How many particles in the air are top secret

Sticker shock of new cars and 700 Shuttles

Nearby Stars are out of the price range of Oil Kings

Who at Exabyte hired 100 Iraqi’s and made them leads over Americans?

Who at Exabyte let a Generals Daughter lose the company millions?

Who at PMS let a woman from Laos hammer into place a laser?

Politics of George Orwell at the news desk

Making up fabricated stories

I will build a unit that detects gravity particles

Employees at PMS who tormented me behind hidden cameras

Will be sued when the world changes in my favor

One vaccine that vaccinates you against everything

Is not in the news from George Orwell

MD’s in Boulder Colorado made me persona grata for a reason

So, I could not work on medical inventions

Everything is already programmed into your immune system

Clone a lion’s immune system into Humans

If you question your fabricated medical bills you are persona non grata

Lawyers will sue you knowing the Orwellian truth

Truth about Americans burning to death in fiery car crashes

Will put the Orwellian Lawyers between a rock and a Boulder - grin

Memory particles in the brain will remember after the revolution

Create memory from scratch

Gravity particles can create a black hole

Blacks in Africa  rape their mothers, sisters and daughters

Without feeling guilty

UN statistics say 90% of African blacks rape someone

They want a cure from the USA – ha

Black Americans boxers rape on their way to being a millionaire

Politics of rape and exposing Priest in Boston but not Boulder

What has driven these men mad enough to okay this behavior?

Not knowing the size of gravity particles

Not knowing the size of gravity particles

Not knowing the size of gravity particles

Not knowing the size of gravity particles





Particle Measuring Systems Boulder Colorado

Not knowing the Size and Particles in the Universe

Gravity of Particle Measuring Systems or PMS - Grin

Greg Buell

PO Box 1113 Boulder CO 80306

Phone 303 443 6270

Copyright © 2000

Sunday, December 24, 2000

12/24/00 10:43 AM

12/24/00 2:44 PM

March 10, 2002 update







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