Oil money spent on Saudi Princes at

the Bush Texas Ranch.... is impeachable! 

Impeach Bush

Before he flees to Saudi Arabia

He has sold organs illicitly to Saudi Princes

Letting Americans die waiting for a organ transplant

He is to stupid to make organ donation mandatory

His best friends in Saudi Arabia knew of the 9-11 attack

And didn't tell him.

Dream Houses in Aspen are for Saudi Princes

90k trailers decaying in a mucky field today

Aspen is on his mind

Meanwhile back on the streets of the USA

6 million cops and kids burn in fiery car wrecks

6 million patients are misdiagnosed by Bush's black MD's

1 million kids die in hot cars every year,

in the summer mostly

In his kid brothers state of Florida

Aliens cross the boarders in the tens of millions

Because Mexican Oil is part in the Oil Genocide Era

Mexicans murder Denver cops and

Bush spits on the dead cops

Then Bush goes to the Police Chiefs meetings


Cop Killer Bush

Aid and abetting Mexican cop killers

Do Police Chiefs really support cops,

who have been burning

and burning to death in gasoline since 1980?

No !!!!!!!!

Cops in fiery car wrecks.

Aliens to eavesdrop on are on the Texas border

Not in Arabia - Iraq

Meanwhile at The Falls Bar in NYC

Rice's black lover rapes (3) and kills 1 white woman

Cameras are everywhere were Rice is

Rice's upper class Black MD's kill patients...

6 million patients are misdiagnosed

mostly by Black MD's

Black MD's from Yale Medical School -

Bush knows this.

President of Yale Medical School

knows this too

IBM has software to track misdiagnosis via MD's

but its not public as this is another

Genocide by the Bush Government and IBM

Bush got them into Medical School

via politics not merit!

No child left behind

then Bush lets his Black MD kill them!

Organs go to Saudi Arabia

while Americans die waiting!

CIA knows about the Saudi Organ trade

and Americans dying.

FEMA has 90k trailers


And they will be there in 90 years from today

Everyone on TV from New Orleans

has a front tooth missing!

Bush dentist has more money than Bushs MD!

Price fixing indictments from our Attorney General

4% of Priest molest boys

84% of Lawyers molest boys

And our Attorney General indicts 0%

Perverts are hidden Camera "Observers"

Who watch you in our Orwellian Society

Jacking off observing you behind hidden cameras

Benefits of working for the government

in an Orwellian Society

Whole Foods in Boulder CO

fired all the women and hired girly men

None of them has safe sex

or washes their hands after taking a shit

This is their lifestyle...

Bush knows this and eats it up for their vote,

Their support

Gates will get Bush to Kill a $100 notebook

without Windows

Gates got Bush to let him lobotomize 6 million kids


Gate murdered 6 million inventors,

most were HS kids

Who turned to something else

because they could not afford same software as Bush at Yale

Microsoft's Office, Server, Programming C#

Software that cost $10,'s of thousands

Not for your PC user in HS

according to Gates

Microsoft Golf and Poker is for HS

Thus Making Gates a mass murder

of HS students

Only via Bush could Gates get away with this

murderous plan

In order to make Microsoft like the Oil Companies

Making $billions in profit every 3 months

Yet the side effects of Gates mass murder

are only pictured

In Officer Jason face burnt in gasoline

20 years after the invention of the electric windmill car

Bush is in bed with Gates and Texas Oil Men

Together they are today's mass murderers!

99% of American Observers believe this

FEMA is in bed with NCAR

Lightning will strike the Earth until NCAR

government workers are fired

Simple invention like keeping Lightning striking the Earth

Is killed by NCAR's Top Brass

here in Boulder CO

Bush wife lets 40k women a year die

from breast cancer

And makes NBC Today Show give false hope

and tells them to never mention the 40k

Breast Cancer deaths for 2006

Husband and Wife Impeachment

is what this really is

Add in Bush Mon and Dad

and they will get the death penalty

When convicted in the Oil Genocide Trials

NVIDIA QuadroR FX 4400 and

AutoCAD design software are required

In the Real World $100 notebook fails


 Get you a high paying job

MIT fails in the real world


Required courses to graduate,

NVIDIA is a must to see the small print

In The Real World void of MIT advice

Locking Gates up next to Peterson

will only solve the software problem

$500 Billion Bush gave to Iraq

$500 Billion would put $100 notebook

out of business

$500 Billion would buy all HS kids

NVIDIA notebooks

So they can read the small print

That caused 6 million cops to burn and burn to death

in gasoline since 1980

25 years after the invention

Of the Electric Windmill Car Invented in 1980

Department of Education

is next to FEMA and NCAR in DC

FEMA might have infected the Treasury Dept

As the new $10 bills have no

bar code serial numbers

1st President after Bush is Impeach

will rename Dept of Education

To Department of Inventors

IBM will not longer get the most patients

Individual Americans will get more patients than IBM

Gravity Control invention will not be owned

by an American Corporation

Roche of Sweden

will not steal memory the memory Pill invention

Roche plant in Boulder CO will be a memorial site

For corporate sponsorship that let 6 million Cops

and kids burn in fiery car wrecks

Roche Impeachment will be a criminal trial

Roche has committed mass murder

because of Bush Politics

Total Recall was a Swartznigger movie

from my invention project

Kenndy's will have to flee to Saudi Arabia

with the Bush's

Bush gave us a Universe

Without Aliens

To Eavesdrop on via MIT

MIT profited from Texas Oil men

During our Oil Genocide Era more than most Universities

Universe without any Aliens to eavesdrop on

Impeach Bush

Eavesdropping on Americans and the rest of the World

Bush's Universe

Yale Medical School is not part of Bush's Universe

Universe without any Aliens to eavesdrop on is Bush Universe

F grade

Bush murdered the rest of the Universe

Side Effects were not mentioned

The Falls Bar

Impeach Bush






Impeach Bush

Before he flees to Saudi Arabia

He has sold organs illicitly to Saudi Princes

His best friends in Saudi Arabia knew of the 9-11 attack

And did not tell him.

Dream Houses in Aspen are for Saudi Princes

Meanwhile back in the USA

6 million cops and kids burn in fiery car wrecks


Impeach Bush

By Greg Buell PO Box 1113 Boulder CO 80306

Copyright 2006



Impeach Bush


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Impeach Bush