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Light Year Conquest
PO Box 1113 
Boulder CO 80306 
copyright 2002 
7:01 pm
6/24/97 8:28 pm

kissing the women 
doctors passionately 

kissing the women 
doctors passionately 

getting them their air craft carrier 
hospital ship

kissing the women 
doctors passionately 

she can diagnose all to well 
Rx for a sick earth 

bomb at the world trade 
center towers

Now 9-11 after this poem was written
future fusion bomb from even madder men 

purse strings don’t pay for nuclear weapons
cost more to dismantle them than build them

she can diagnose all to well 
Rx for a sick earth 

Alpha Centauri peace treaty 
would have to be signed at the UN

If the UN was not bribed by Texas Oil men

Oil for food for expensive Manhattan Bars

1,001 moon base Peace Treaty 
would have to be signed at the UN

before the fusion bombs 
Were bought if the UN wasn’t corrupted

The world trade center
before the mad scientist 

blow up NYC 
with a hidden nuclear bomb

This was the general thought before 9-11
bouquet of statisticians smell the old flowers 

tell you retaliation 
Would harm Americans more than terrorists

Feel your little girls tits boarding the plane
Government screeners out of “1984”

Would fondle your kids, your mom, your grandma 
USA would launch attacks against frequent flyers

Take way their nail clippers and files
5,800 nuclear missiles in inventory

And the government spits on its own citizens
Who ever blows up NYC did 9-11 instead

Please get a divorce immediately from Bush
From your classic combat Madman Psychotic Bush

Aircraft carrier production the new Reagan
She can’t diagnose all to well sucking oil $$$

Rx for a sick earth was the Electric Windmill Car

Sailing to other solar systems 
Requires a 700 ship navy at NASA

UN treaty that binds 
Until we meet aliens 

Seduction into this treaty 
will be amazing

Pangs of trying to seduce her 
with a bouquet of statistics

Bouquet of statisticians 
tell them your retaliation is the Universe

Would be 1,000 fold more Aliens
Retaliate with 5,800 nukes

Nuclear missiles 
When they blow up NYC

Clinton could of saved NYC this 9-11 attack
As he was suppressing the Electric Windmill Car

Stars outnumber Clinton’s, Bush’s IQ
Stars outnumber cash from this Oil Genocide

Institutions like the President of the USA
Suppressing the Electric Windmill Car

Star worship via statistics of the Universe 
then getting attacked on 9-11

Then getting attacked on 9-11
with Alpha Centauri 

the Alpha Centauri Peace Treaty 
the 1,001 Moon Base Treaties

All lost for taking bribes from Texas Oil men
talking to statisticians about Oil Genocide money

for hours
Star charts in my presentation

Like a bouquet
Essays on why the twin towers 

will be targeted again and again
by a mad scientists

a catastrophe caused by 
no peace treaty

A attack on 9-11 caused by Clinton

To amused with oral sex with women

New air craft carriers 
too amused with new air craft carriers 

not the air craft carrier 
hospital ship for American Women MD’s

Not kissing the women 
Doctors passionately 

Sink a new air craft carrier 
With a 700 ship Shuttle fleet docked

In Orbit
With 2 peace treaties 

With 1,001 moon bases 
World at war now because the Electric Car

NASA lost 1,001 moon bases
And Top Brass at NASA will go on trial

At the Oil Genocide Trials
for taking bad bribes to help suppress

The Electric Windmill Car
and unseen civilizations 
around the nearest stars

NASA blew it, could of traveled 4.3 Lt. Yrs.
Instead of eating steak and lobster with Oil Men

Like a bouquet of women
Statistics are suppressed by our “1984” gov.

Telling you the facts 
of the 9-11 attack with the Electric Windmill Car

Retaliation against its inventor
Inventor of the Electric Windmill Car

By Bush a Psychotic criminal
A baby killer via hot cars

A killer by forest fires

For not using Rumsfelds C5A for fire fighting Bouquet of statistics

9-11 and the Electric Windmill Car

Light Year Conquest
PO Box 1113 
Boulder CO 80306 
copyright 2002 
7:01 pm
6/24/97 8:28 pm






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